About Us

About HD Frequency

Founded in 2011 in New York, HD Frequency is an innovative television antenna manufacturer offering premium digital antennas. We specialize in high-definition (HD) antennas which pull in free television programming over local UHV and VHF broadcasts. HD Frequency was acquired by Silicondust in 2021.

Our company was born from the personal experience of founder Josh McDonnell, a self-proclaimed "extreme gadget guy" and IT professional with an master’s degree in Information Technology. He cut the cord in 2010 and used to over 7 different antennas only to realize that the antennas on the market today are still not truly optimized for this newer Digital UHF/VHF broadcasts. He realized he needed to design and build his own to get the best possible reception.

Josh developed the Cable Cutter and Cable Cutter Mini with a team of highly specialized Radio Frequency engineers including a rocket scientist and PhD physicist. Together the group of experts designed a pair of premium antennae that routinely out-perform many of the leading antennas on the market today. By putting form and optimal signal performance at the focus of our engineering efforts, our antennas display a sleek and modern industrial design that performs incredibly well and will last for years.

In January of 2015, we launched our third antenna – the Cable Cutter Aerowave – at the CES show in Las Vegas. The Aerowave has outperformed its mid-range competitors by up to 30% and we credit this to its unique patented design.

We are proud to say that our commitment to high quality manufacturing resulted in a premium product that is the most durable antenna line on the market today. All of the Cable Cutter antennae were designed and optimized for local HD broadcast television.