Will this antenna work based on where I live?

For 90+ % of you...Yes! Most of the US population lives within 50 miles of a major city with broadcast towers. You can go to http://antennaweb.org and plug in your address to see exactly which broadcast towers are nearby, and how many channels you can expect to receive.


Will this antenna work on my Television?

Is your television newer than 2006? If yes, then you are fine. Most televisions manufactured from 2006 and on have the required ATSC digital tuner built in which converts the antenna signal to a readable format for your television. In fact, effective March of 2007, all televisions regardless of screen size, and all devices which include a tuner (VCR, DVD player/recorder, DVR) are required to include a built in ATSC digital tuner.


Which HD Frequency Antenna Is Right For Me?

Cable Cutter CC Aerowave CC Mini
Range: 50 miles Range: 35 miles Range: 25 miles
Interference Rating: Good Interference Rating: Great Interference Rating: Great
Size: 18 x 18 x 0.2 inches Size: 11 x 9 x 0.2 inches Size: 7.9 x 5.4 x 0.2 inches
Ideal Application: Rural settings Ideal Application: Suburban/urban settings Ideal Application: urban settings


How Can I Improve Reception?

Finding the perfect placement for your HD Frequency antenna is part science, part art. We recommend trying a number of locations in and around your home before settling on a final placement, but here are a few generalizations to help guide you in the process:

Indoor vs. outdoor - If possible, consider mounting your HD Frequency antenna outdoors. This will help reduce interference and almost always yield a stronger signal.

Window vs. wall - If you can't mount the antenna outside, your next best bet is in an external window facing the nearest broadcast tower as opposed to on an inside wall. Use AntennaWeb.org to locate the direction of the tower from your home and select the most appropriate window for placement.

Higher vs. lower - The higher you can install your antenna, the better. Again, the goal here is reducing interference, which will in turn improve signal strength.

Multiple channel scans - After finding the best placement for your HD Frequency antenna, we recommend conducting multiple channel scans from your TV's menu. In doing so, you should see improvement in both total channels and signal strength up to 3 scans.


Can I paint the antenna so it blends in better against my wall?

Yes, painting the antenna should not negatively impact the performance of the antenna.


How do I mount it outdoors?

Any HD Frequency antenna can be mounted outdoor by securing it to a steel mast and following proper grounding steps to ensure no damage will be done to your TV or other electronics. We also encourage professional installation for safety's sake.


Why should I ground an outdoor antenna?

By grounding the antenna, you can protect your equipment from electrical and voltage surges created by nearby strikes. Just follow these simple steps and you will be one step closer in having your antenna safely installed!


How to Ground the Cable Cutter Antenna:

  1. Make sure your gear is plugged into a surge protector
  2. Find a point where the cable enters a building so that you can attach a coax grounding block.
  3. Connect the first length of your coax antenna cable between the antenna and the block.
  4. Connect your second length between your HDTV receiver and the end of the block.
  5. Run a length of grounding wire from the block to a suitable grounding point.

* A grounding point can be a true earth ground or a cold water pipe.

Beware: Take safety precautions when installing your antenna. It is recommended to consult a professional for help when installing an antenna in a dangerous location!


How do I mount it indoors?

The Cable Cutter antennas come with either a self adhesive hook or dots to allow you to hang the antenna on a wall behind your television, near the window, or even on the window. We ship a long 12' cable to give you enough length to mount the antenna anywhere near your television. Most of our customers mount the antenna indoors in this or similar manner.


I don't have an HDTV - only a cable ready set. Can I still watch channels provided by the Cable Cutter Antenna?

Yes, all you need is a digital converter box which is typically inexpensive and you will be all set to receive free over the air channels with the Cable Cutter antenna. Any digital converter will work, but we recommend this one.


Can I install the Cable Cutter in my attic?

Yes, you can mount the Cable Cutter in the attic. Although, in general this is not the best location for any antenna so mileage may vary. The Cable Cutter can be mounted outdoors as well as indoors.


Can I use standard coaxial cable with a splitter for 2-3 tv's?

You can use any standard RG6 coaxial cable and yes you can split the signal. We usually recommend a drop amp if you are going to split the signal to boost the signal strength before you split the signal.


Does it work with the Apple iPad?

Not directly, no. However, if you hooked the Cable Cutter antenna up to the HD Homerun from SiliconDust, then yes you could watch live over-the-air television on your Apple iPad.