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HDTV Antenna comparison

A video review of the top antennas on the market today.
Review of results for HDFrequency, Mohu Leaf,
Monoprice, Clearstream.

PressurePerfect, 11/26/2014



HD Frequency Antenna Review

Review of the HD Frequency Cable Cutter Aerowave
Indoor HD Antenna. Tutorial on how it works including
setup and configuration.

DadDoes, 3/12/2015



Industry Reviews
2/20/15 - "In our testing, the antennas from HD Frequency consistently came out on top"
RANKED #1 BEST PERFORMING ANTENNA - If you’ve done any research at all, you know there are a lot of antennas to choose from. We’ve had the best results using antennas from HD Frequency, Mohu, and Winegard. In our testing, the antennas from HD Frequency consistently came out on top.
4/30/14 - "Remarkably powerful!"
"[The Cable Cutter is] The Wirecutter's favorite indoor antenna, and that's saying a lot. In our tests, it performed remarkably well, picking up all of the available channels near me with great, solid signal...The Cable Cutter Mini was a joy to use, and worked well on a TV in a tight spot that I had previously had some trouble using a Leaf with. It's HD Frequency's city-dweller antenna, a smaller version of the Cable Cutter that's still metal, but easier to mount.”"
1/26/14 - "The BEST Indoor HDTV Antenna."
"According to our tests, the HD Frequency Cable Cutter is the best-performing indoor antenna you can buy if you live in the thick of a city. It outperformed 12 other models in midtown Manhattan as part of a test pool that included both amped and unamped antennas."
1/13/14 - "Better at getting the lower-numbered channels”s"
"I did thorough testing against the Mohu Leaf indoors, and found that the performance was comparable. In particular, my Leaf was having trouble getting CBS (a Hi-VHF channel). The Cable Cutters got CBS with no problem and seemed to be better at getting the lower-numbered channels.
If used outdoors, the Cable Cutter performance should be even better. Amazingly, the tiny Cable Cutter Mini performed just as good as its big brother in my testing, proving that “size matters not”."
12/12/13 - "These antennas are the most durable and solid we’ve seen."
"While other manufacturers are packaging paper-thin aluminium foil in plastic cases or using hollow rods and easy-to-bend reflectors, HD Frequency gives a lattice of solid metal that looks likes it could survive a military application let alone the latest windstorm on your roof. The quality is exceptional and never for a second did we have to treat either model delicately."
Customer Reviews
Boston, MA
2/13/14 - "better at pulling in stations"
"I previously had the Mohu leaf (amplified) and then the Winegard (amplified) leaf copy. The HD Frequency Cable Cutter (not amplified) is better at pulling in stations than either of those. I'm 35 miles from Boston's towers and I get all major networks plus several from NH."
2/4/14 - "Very pleased!"
We are in the northern Manhattan (Hamilton Heights) and have a south facing window on the 3rd floor of our building. ... The picture so far has been crystal clear and much more stable than the analog antenna reception I remember from the "bunny ears" days. ... Great to find a company that's run by nice people!"
Slangford 1/30/14 - "It is shocking how good this antenna actually is."
"I have to second this choice. I choose this OTA Antenna due to the wirecutter's recommendation, and it was an excellent selection. It is shocking how good this antenna actually is."
Dallas, TX
1/24/14 - "Great antenna, great package!"
Grabbed this antenna for use in Dallas, TX (75214) and am able to pick up 46 channels simply by plugging it in and having the TV scan for channels. Finally get to unplug my AT&T U-Verse and start saving money!"
Natick, MA
1/21/14 - "The HD picture is fantastic!"
"I am beyond pleased with the decision to get the HD Frequency Cable Cutter and recommend them highly! Thank you, thank you, thank you."